Monday, April 30, 2012

Grandsons and Cousins!

A little over two years ago my parents got two new sons! In the past 4 months they got two new grandsons! I guess Jenny and I just like doing things together. :) It's great that Carter has a cousin so close in age! Hopefully Carter and Nolan will be best friends! Lucky for Rory and I, we were there when Jenny had her baby! It was so fun to see cute little Nolan and get pictures with both little boys! I just thought I'd post a few!

Isn't he a cutie?!

We took these pictures a couple weeks ago and I just had to post some of them! :) Thanks Rhett and Julie for letting us borrow this cute outfit!!


  1. hahaha those pictures are so cute of Carter! The last one is my favorite - what a stud! It's fun seeing him in things that Boston wore since it was so long ago!

  2. Nolan looks so little in those pictures! He has already grown so much! Too bad you won't be here for his blessing on Sunday.