Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Welcome to Swat Lake City!

Rory's mom found these awesome shirts and sent them our way! In case you don't follow the Jazz, I will explain. :) Matt Harpring is one of the tv announcers for the Utah Jazz games. The Jazz have been great all season at blocking shots. When a player's shot would get blocked by a Jazz player Matt started welcoming them to Swat Lake City. :) It was pretty catchy so it caught on quick and Matt keeps saying it! So of course t-shirts were made!

We were pretty excited to open our package and find these awesome shirts! Up above we were all ready to watch the Jazz game vs the Suns! The Jazz won and they made the playoffs! We're pretty excited that they made it! It wasn't looking so good for a little bit!

Little Carter didn't get a t-shirt, but we had other Jazz gear for him. :)

You'd never know this jersey is size 18 months! :) It is a little big for him, but we thought it looked pretty good. :)

We're excited to keep cheering for the Jazz! Hopefully they can welcome some more players to Swat Lake City!

You can check out the Wreck Mob Clothing Co on their facebook page to find out more about the shirts. There's a picture of us on there. Pretty sweet!