Monday, April 23, 2012


Rory and I were so excited that we were going to be in Utah for Easter! We got to spend the Friday and Saturday before Easter with Rory's family. Friday night we had a little party with Rory's family and some close friends. These are some fun pictures from the night!

Little Carter meets big Carter!

Hunter and Heather!

Greg and Derek!

Rhett and Julie

Cute Carter! :) He wasn't so sure about all these strangers!

Taylor and Heather!

Cute Capri!

Carter and Natalie!

Polly and Mike!

Saturday morning with Carter:
Carter smiling at Grandma Polly!

Carter with Aunt Julie and cousin Capri!

Having fun with Grandpa Mike!

Rory's family loves celebrating Easter and they always have a big Easter egg hunt. So Saturday we went up to Salt Lake to Rory's Aunt Dianne's house.

First the grand-kids have their egg hunt. Each grand kid had to wear bunny ears while they found their eggs. During the actual hunt Carter was taking a nap, but we still got a picture of him with his bunny ears! :) Since he was sleeping Rory and I collected his prize eggs. Carter couldn't miss out on his Easter presents! :)

For the adult hunt this year we each had to make our own Easter bonnet. I was impressed with all the creativity!

Rory and I went with a Mardi Gras theme. Sadly you can't see my hat very well, but we each glued a mask to the front of our bonnets. :)

Before the hunt!

Emptying our spoils. :)

We had an amazing time with Rory's family! We're so glad we could be there for the annual Easter Egg Hunt! Can't wait for next year!

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