Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Phillies vs. Reds

Last Saturday we realized that the Phillies were coming to Cincinnati this week to play the Reds so naturally we had to look into getting tickets for one of the games. :) We found cheap tickets on the 5th row a little past 1st base and we couldn't pass them up. So Monday night I picked Rory up from work at 4 and we headed off to Cincinnati. Here we are just driving up to the city.
Outside of the baseball stadium.

Howard stretching.

Rory got a great picture of Hamels and Ruiz walking by. Hamels pitched 6 innings and they only scored one run on him.

Phillips is a Reds player, but he's pretty cool. He's really popular with the fans. Before the game he came out and took some pictures and signed some autographs.

We got a kick out of the rookie pitcher walking by. :)

This was our view of the game. We had amazing seats! We had a great view of the jumbo tron. We had a few foul balls come our way. We were so close to the field!
We had a blast at the game! Hopefully we can make it back out there next year when the Phillies come to visit again!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We're Having a Baby!!!!!!!!!

I'm 18 weeks along (just over 4 months) and feeling pretty good right now. I spent about a month or so being nauseous all the time, but it has been a lot better the past few weeks. As long as I eat enough to keep me and the baby happy then I feel good. :)

Rory and I are super excited for our family to grow! We can't wait for our little addition! I'm due January 26th. So we just have about 5 more months to go! :)

Earlier this week I finally realized that I was feeling the baby move! I'm pretty sure I've felt it before and just didn't realize it. But it's pretty crazy knowing I have a living baby growing in my stomach! If I sit in the right position I can feel the baby move all the time. It's one of the coolest things ever! I wish Rory was here with me right now. I just felt some good kicks that he would have been able to feel. So far the baby always calms down when Rory tries to feel it kick. :) Maybe he just has a soothing presence. :)

We find out 3 weeks from today if our baby is a boy or a girl. We are getting really impatient! :) I know we have some grandparents and siblings that are dying to know as well! :) We're ready to start buying baby clothes and other cute things for the baby!