Monday, October 10, 2011

Baby Polar Bear

On Saturday Rory and I were out close to the zoo so we thought we'd stop by and check out the new addition! A few months ago a baby polar bear was brought to the zoo. We went by about a month ago, but he wasn't out for the public to see. I was pretty sad about it. But luckily when we went on Saturday he was out playing! So I thought I would post the cute pictures I got!

I know most of you probably don't care. But I'm going to narrate what the polar bear was doing as I was snapping pictures. :)

For a while he was playing with this huge trashcan and I could not get a picture of his face. Nice butt shot right?

Finally he accidentally pushed the can over the edge of the big step there.

Now he decides to find something new to play with since he can't reach the trashcan anymore.

So he walks around the other side of the pole and decides to play with the hay in his little kiddie pool. But it's a big drop and here he is beginning to fall over the side.

This is the end of his tumble as he rolls around with the hay stuff on the ground.

He's pretty cute isn't he? Thanks for humoring me! :)

While I was waiting for the polar bear to get rid of the trashcan so I could get a better view Rory decided to make room for the little kids and he went over to watch the grizzly bear swimming in the pool. When I was done with the polar bear I went over to join him. It was pretty entertaining watching him swim around.

It was just a quick trip to the zoo to finally see the baby polar bear, but it was a lot of fun! He's adorable!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rory's Birthday!

Last Friday Rory turned 25! He's pretty excited he can rent a car now without extra fees. :)

To start out the day I made Rory chocolate chip waffles at 6 in the morning before he left to work. Then I drove him to work so he didn't have to ride the bus. He got off work at 3 so I went to pick him up. Little did he know that Mike and Polly had flown in and were there to surprise him as well! Mike had a business meeting in Louisville so it worked out perfectly that they could be there for Rory's birthday!

When I asked Rory what he wanted for his birthday he said he wanted to golf at The Ledges in St. George. Since that wasn't going to work Mike took him golfing out here. The course wasn't near as nice as The Ledges, but Rory was still happy to be golfing. While they golfed Polly and I made Rory's cake! It was layered devils food cake, with whip cream on two layers and chocolate frosting with nuts and coconut in the middle and on top.

Rory was pretty excited about his birdie shot.

For dinner we went to Red Lobster. Rory has been wanting to go there forever, but we'd been waiting for a special occasion. Neither of us had ever been there. Since they were doing the all you can eat shrimp special it was the perfect time to go! The meal was delicious and we stuffed ourselves on biscuits and shrimp! My favorite was the alfredo shrimp linguini and Rory really liked the sweet and spicy shrimp.

After dinner we hurried home to watch the BYU vs. Utah State football game. We were hoping BYU could pull out a win and give Rory a good birthday present! The game wasn't looking so good until they finally pulled out the quarterback!!!!! We were so excited to see Riley Nelson come in to play. And what do you know? Nelson had better stats in a quarter and a half than Heaps did in 2 and a half quarters. And Riley brought us from behind to win the game at the end!! I think we might have woken some people up cheering. :)

During half time Rory opened up his presents. He was pretty excited about the Ninja Turtle actions figures I got for him. He can't wait to play with his little boy!

We had cake during the game as well. It was delicious!

Rhett and Julie gave Rory some waterproof cards that float. They're pretty sweet! We had to give them a try. :)

All in all I think Rory had a great birthday!