Friday, January 21, 2011

Welcome to Kentuckiana!

I decided it was about time to start a blog. Rory and I just moved to Clarksville, Indiana. We left Utah last Tuesday and began out trek across the country. We drove about 10 hours and stopped for the night and stayed with Rory's cousin and his wife, Dan and Jamie, in Colorado Springs. We drove about 9 hours the following day and made it to Kansas City, Missouri. Thursday morning we went to Liberty Jail. I'd never been there before and it was cool to finally see something I've heard so much about. We then went to the Visitor's Center in Independence and visited the Community of Christ Temple. Then we continued our drive for about 4 more hours to St. Louis, Missouri. We stayed there for the night and then went the final 4.5 hours to Clarksville!

We had all of our stuff trucked over here in two pods. They were delivered the Friday we got here. Four guys from our new ward came over that night and helped Rory unload them. We've spent the past week getting all moved in. We've made great progress. We just have a few more things to put away and get organized!

Clarksville is just across the border from Louisville, Kentucky where Rory is now working. Rory got a great job with a company called Mercer. He's working as an actuary for them. He started work this past Tuesday and is excited to start his training next week when the final few new hires start work. He's heard it is going to be extremely challenging, but I think he's up for the challenge!