Monday, April 30, 2012

Grandsons and Cousins!

A little over two years ago my parents got two new sons! In the past 4 months they got two new grandsons! I guess Jenny and I just like doing things together. :) It's great that Carter has a cousin so close in age! Hopefully Carter and Nolan will be best friends! Lucky for Rory and I, we were there when Jenny had her baby! It was so fun to see cute little Nolan and get pictures with both little boys! I just thought I'd post a few!

Isn't he a cutie?!

We took these pictures a couple weeks ago and I just had to post some of them! :) Thanks Rhett and Julie for letting us borrow this cute outfit!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Welcome to Swat Lake City!

Rory's mom found these awesome shirts and sent them our way! In case you don't follow the Jazz, I will explain. :) Matt Harpring is one of the tv announcers for the Utah Jazz games. The Jazz have been great all season at blocking shots. When a player's shot would get blocked by a Jazz player Matt started welcoming them to Swat Lake City. :) It was pretty catchy so it caught on quick and Matt keeps saying it! So of course t-shirts were made!

We were pretty excited to open our package and find these awesome shirts! Up above we were all ready to watch the Jazz game vs the Suns! The Jazz won and they made the playoffs! We're pretty excited that they made it! It wasn't looking so good for a little bit!

Little Carter didn't get a t-shirt, but we had other Jazz gear for him. :)

You'd never know this jersey is size 18 months! :) It is a little big for him, but we thought it looked pretty good. :)

We're excited to keep cheering for the Jazz! Hopefully they can welcome some more players to Swat Lake City!

You can check out the Wreck Mob Clothing Co on their facebook page to find out more about the shirts. There's a picture of us on there. Pretty sweet!

Monday, April 23, 2012


Rory and I were so excited that we were going to be in Utah for Easter! We got to spend the Friday and Saturday before Easter with Rory's family. Friday night we had a little party with Rory's family and some close friends. These are some fun pictures from the night!

Little Carter meets big Carter!

Hunter and Heather!

Greg and Derek!

Rhett and Julie

Cute Carter! :) He wasn't so sure about all these strangers!

Taylor and Heather!

Cute Capri!

Carter and Natalie!

Polly and Mike!

Saturday morning with Carter:
Carter smiling at Grandma Polly!

Carter with Aunt Julie and cousin Capri!

Having fun with Grandpa Mike!

Rory's family loves celebrating Easter and they always have a big Easter egg hunt. So Saturday we went up to Salt Lake to Rory's Aunt Dianne's house.

First the grand-kids have their egg hunt. Each grand kid had to wear bunny ears while they found their eggs. During the actual hunt Carter was taking a nap, but we still got a picture of him with his bunny ears! :) Since he was sleeping Rory and I collected his prize eggs. Carter couldn't miss out on his Easter presents! :)

For the adult hunt this year we each had to make our own Easter bonnet. I was impressed with all the creativity!

Rory and I went with a Mardi Gras theme. Sadly you can't see my hat very well, but we each glued a mask to the front of our bonnets. :)

Before the hunt!

Emptying our spoils. :)

We had an amazing time with Rory's family! We're so glad we could be there for the annual Easter Egg Hunt! Can't wait for next year!

Monday, April 16, 2012

3 Months!

Carter is 3 months old!! I can't believe I've been the mom of the cutest little boy in the whole world for a 3 months already! Being a mother definitely has brought me extreme joy as well as some pretty low points. But I wouldn't change any of it!

Last week I was holding Carter and started thinking about how much I LOVE everything about him! I'm so blessed to be able to stay home with Carter all day and take care of him! The first day I was home alone about 2 weeks after Carter was born I can say that's not exactly how I was feeling. :) I was feeling super overwhelmed! But thank goodness things get better! Especially since I'm getting much more sleep now! Carter has been such a great baby!

New things for Carter this month:

He now smiles at you when you get him up from a nap.
Has been wearing 3-6 month clothes pretty much all month!
Moved up to size 3 diapers because the smaller size wouldn't fit around his chubby legs and stomach anymore!
Stays up about an hour and a half now in between naps.
Likes to be tickled.
Likes things that vibrate.
Likes to chew on his tongue.
Has started making noises to himself and not just when we talk to him.
Loves his Winnie the Pooh mobile on his bouncer and is trying really hard to grab it!
Is startled easily if he's not expecting something or hears a loud noise.
Loves playing patty cake! (Carter had a blast when Grandpa Layne did it with him)
Went on his first plane ride.
Visited Utah for his first time.
Had his baby blessing.
Met his cousin Nolan!

Like I said, Carter loves the mobile on his bouncer! This past week he has stared down Pooh and the other toys every time I put him in it. I can tell he really wants to grab those toys! He gets so excited watching them! His whole body starts moving and he kicks out his legs. :)

In this picture you can see his concentration! He gets his hands to the toys, but he hasn't quite figured out how to open it up and grab it! He's so close!

This is the best he can do. Sometimes he swings out his hand and the legs of this toy get stuck between his fingers. It's pretty much like he's grabbed it, right? :)

I have to brag about my boy for a minute! Carter has been sleeping through the night for over a month now! This past week has been amazing! Carter has gone to be between 8 and 9pm each night. Sometime between 11 and 12pm I would wake him up and feed him again. Three times during the week he then slept until 9 in the morning!!!! The first time Carter woke me up at 9am I couldn't have been happier! I am so blessed to have a great sleeper!

My favorite part of nap time? Going in to Carter's room to see this happy face smiling up at me! I love that he is no longer screaming at me to feed him when he wakes up. :) He's so excited to see me! (Don't mind the funny eyes in this picture. :))

This is a pretty common Carter face. :) He likes to tilt his head down and look at you out the top of his head. Usually his head is tilted even farther down. :)

Rory was having fun with Carter's hair after a bath. Isn't he cute?!

Carter has changed so much in the past month! He is so much more interactive! He loves things that vibrate. His Uncle Nathan thought it would be fun to put his phone on Carter's stomach and see what he did when it vibrated. Carter loved it! :) Uncle Nathan also gave Carter a couple toys that vibrate when you pull on them and Carter loves them too!

Carter had quite the traumatic experience when we were trying to wash his hair in Utah. For some reason he did not like it! He screamed until we were done! But once I had him wrapped up and in my arms he actually smiled! Silly boy!

Carter usually enjoys the actual bath.

But he doesn't seem to always like the aftermath as you can see....

Carter got to meet his new cousin, Nolan, while we were in Utah! The next two pictures we got of Carter when we were at the hospital visiting Jenny, Scott and Nolan.

We love our Carter boy! He reminds us of that everyday! It's so fulfilling to see that smile and know that he loves you back! We're his whole world right now and he's definitely ours! Carter, we couldn't be more thrilled to be your parents! You're such a happy little boy and a joy to be around! We love you so much and wouldn't trade you for the world!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Carter's Blessing

For Carter's baby blessing we were lucky enough to swing a trip to Utah! Thanks to my parents for Rory's plane ticket and to Rory's parents for mine! :) We were excited to be able to bless him with all of our family and friends there.

Isn't Carter wearing the cutest outfit ever!

We thought we should get some shots with Carter before church while his clothes were still clean. :)
After church we got a quick picture with all of Rory's friends! Thanks for coming!

Once we got home Rory had less than an hour before he needed to leave for his flight home. We were hurrying to get some family pictures when......

Carter had an accident! His pants were a little tight and when he went to the bathroom it exploded up his back. We had a washcloth handy so my mom put that in to stop it from spreading anymore. We rushed inside to change his diaper and hopefully salvage the clothes for pictures! Luckily it only got on his pants.

We still got our pictures in Carter's cute clothes! We just had a strategically placed wash cloth to keep the poop off my clothes. :)

Butterfield family! We're sad Jenny, Scott and Nolan couldn't be there, but we understand! We'll get a big family picture in July!

Housley family!
Carter had such a wonderful blessing. He's a special boy! Thanks everyone for making it such a great day! We're glad everyone could be there for Carter's blessing!