Saturday, April 14, 2012

Carter's Blessing

For Carter's baby blessing we were lucky enough to swing a trip to Utah! Thanks to my parents for Rory's plane ticket and to Rory's parents for mine! :) We were excited to be able to bless him with all of our family and friends there.

Isn't Carter wearing the cutest outfit ever!

We thought we should get some shots with Carter before church while his clothes were still clean. :)
After church we got a quick picture with all of Rory's friends! Thanks for coming!

Once we got home Rory had less than an hour before he needed to leave for his flight home. We were hurrying to get some family pictures when......

Carter had an accident! His pants were a little tight and when he went to the bathroom it exploded up his back. We had a washcloth handy so my mom put that in to stop it from spreading anymore. We rushed inside to change his diaper and hopefully salvage the clothes for pictures! Luckily it only got on his pants.

We still got our pictures in Carter's cute clothes! We just had a strategically placed wash cloth to keep the poop off my clothes. :)

Butterfield family! We're sad Jenny, Scott and Nolan couldn't be there, but we understand! We'll get a big family picture in July!

Housley family!
Carter had such a wonderful blessing. He's a special boy! Thanks everyone for making it such a great day! We're glad everyone could be there for Carter's blessing!

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