Thursday, August 16, 2012

Stroller Rides

Since we got back from our trip to Utah we've been taking a lot of walks. We finally let Carter ride strapped into the stroller instead of in his car seat. He loves it! As we walk along he is content to look around at everything. He also loves to chew on the straps that buckle him in. :) 

Carter's first stroller ride. Just chillin'. :)

One day we went to visit Rory's new office and go to lunch. It was pretty windy. Can you tell? :) Carter likes the wind in his face.

A couple nights ago we went on a walk. Rory and I were walking along talking when I looked down and Carter was in this position. haha. I'm not sure why he was holding on with his toe, but he did it for quite a while. :)

We've been taking a lot of walks at night when Carter starts to get a little fussy as he gets tired. It's one of the few things that always calms him down. He just loves being outside and riding around. 

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