Thursday, August 16, 2012


Carter LOVES food! My little boy is growing up. During our trip to Utah Carter got to try a few things and he loved everything. He had squash, banana, avocado, and a tiny bit of baby food and some licorice. When we got back home we got some different kinds of baby food to see if Carter was ready to start eating. At first I didn't let him eat very much, but he inhaled everything I gave him.

This is one of the first times we fed him. 

Yummy peas. :) Veggies aren't his favorite, but Carter still eats them like a good boy.

Eating squash.

Sorry this picture is super blurry. I was trying to take it while feeding him. As you can see, Carter learned quickly that I wanted him to open wide. :) He is very good at opening his mouth to let me know he is ready for his next spoonful. haha.

Pears and apples are his favorite baby food. He pretty much inhales it. He also loves real banana and zucchini. He's also tried mashed potatoes and lies those as well. He's getting really good at picking up his little puff cereal things and he loves them. Carter is such a good little eater right now. He would just keep eating and eating if I let him. Hopefully he always eats this well!

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  1. He is so cute! And he lOoks a lot like you in the picture with his mouth open! :) i'm excited to start feeding Nolan solids!