Saturday, August 4, 2012

July Vacation Continued

After the 4th we got to spend the next four days with my family as well. We had a lot of fun just hanging out. Carter struggled throughout the whole vacation with sleeping so a lot of what we did was planned around him.

Thursday we were trying to figure out our clothes for family pictures and ended up having a little photo session with Carter and Nolan. :)

My dad tempted Carter with some delicious chocolate covered macadamia nuts.

Carter tried to eat Nolan's hand...

Friday was my birthday! We had a delicious dinner at a hibachi restaurant in Salt Lake. Thanks Mom and Dad! We had lots of food that we all shared. The sushi chef even gave us a free plate of sushi that was delicious!

After dinner we had family pictures. Carter did great. We even got a really cute one of just the three of us. Hopefully I can post some of them when we get them.

Later that night we finished celebrating my birthday with cake!

Then I got presents! :)

Thanks everyone!

I already said this on an earlier post, but my favorite gift of all was the tickets to the Carrie Underwood concert that Rory gave me!!

Sunday we got to visit my Grandpa Butterfield at his nursing home. We really wanted Carter to meet him. My parents said that is the most alert my grandpa has been in a long time. He can't carry on a coherent conversation, but he was talking. He smiled at Carter and Nolan and seemed to really enjoy having us there.

Four generations!

We switched babies. Oh, and there's Nathan with his baby. :)

Of course at the end of a great trip you always have to go home again. At the airport my mom got to come with us to the gate to help me through security and everything with Carter. :)

Rory, Carter and I had a blast with my family! Thanks for letting us take over your house for a little while. Carter loved the attention and I know he would love to go back. We wish we could too! We miss you!

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