Tuesday, May 29, 2012


My morning began at 6 when Carter woke up. I fed him and we were just hanging out watching the morning news when Rory woke up to get ready for work just before 7. About the same time it started to pour outside. I'd just heard on the weather that it was raining hard in Indiana and it was heading toward Louisville. At that point we didn't have anything yet. It didn't take long though until the storm hit with force! The only umbrella Rory could find was the bright pink one we used for wedding pictures. :) He decided he'd rather brave the rain so he left to catch the bus. A minute later he was back to search a little harder for an umbrella. Once again, no luck so he went back out. But back he came because he missed the bus. So I was going to give him a ride to work, but we barely made it out the door when we decided to try and wait out the storm a little. It was raining cats and dogs!

About 7:40 Rory figured he might as well just take the next bus to work so we decided to drive to the bus stop so he could wait in the car until the bus came. I told Rory I'd run out and get the car and bring it around closer to the door. I got to the edge of the sidewalk and realized Little Jerry's (our car) doors were almost under water. Luckily I was in shorts so I just took off my shoes and socks and waded through the water to the car. I jumped in and pulled around the  side of the building to pick up Rory. Thankfully the parking lot was not flooded there yet so Rory didn't soak his feet putting Carter in the car. He did get rained on though!

There was another lady waiting at the bus stop so we knew the bus would stop and Rory could run out. Come to find out, the lady left before the bus got there and it didn't stop. So we followed the bus a couple blocks until it stopped and Rory hopped out and finally got on the bus! Thankfully Little Jerry (our car) did not get stranded on the flooded streets or our flooded parking lot! I had to drive right down the middle of the street and we were still a few inches deep in parts!

Carter and I made it back safe to the house and I put him down for a nap and then decided to run out and get some pictures quick. The rain had finally decided to let up! 

I wish I'd gotten pictures of Little Jerry before I moved him, but I wasn't worrying about that at the time. Little Jerry used to be parked in that empty spot next to the gray car in the picture. You can tell it's under water and now up on the sidewalk!

You can see how far up the sidewalk the rain had come! When I had gone 20 minutes earlier to get the car it wasn't on the sidewalk yet.

Here you can see how high the water is! The water is up to the bumper of all these cars. It's dark so it's hard to see, but the water is up to the door of that blue car in the front! You can't even see the sidewalk because the water is up to the grass!

Here I am standing on the edge of the sidewalk. My feet are covered up to my ankles. If I stepped off into the parking lot the water would be up to the middle of my calves at least!

What a crazy morning! Rory's bus drove under a bridge and he said the water was so deep that water came in through the doors! Those bus doors are up pretty high! Luckily he said most cars were turning around because they would have floated away if they'd try to go through! I'm glad he made it safely to work! 

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  1. that is just nuts!!! glad you guys didn't float away!