Sunday, May 13, 2012

Milestone Reached!

Carter is now grabbing things! He's been working on this for a little while now, but a couple days ago he was actually holding his toy in his hands and chewing on it! Granted, it didn't last for too long, but he's doing so well! Usually he can't quite gets his toys to his mouth. He gets so frustrated! Usually it makes him mad because he can't turn the toy so it will fit in his mouth. And he doesn't like it as much if I helped it into his mouth. :) You can see in the picture above that he usually grabs the toy with one hand and then makes a fist with his other hand and uses it to try and shove it in his mouth. It's pretty funny to watch. One day he'll figure out how to work both hands at the same time to grab the toy. :)

Here is Carter playing with Cosmo!

This cougar stuffed animal growls when you squeeze it's stomach. When Carter was like a month old Rory wanted to see what Carter would do if he heard it. It made him cry! But now that he's a little older it makes him smile. :) He even squeezed it the other day and made it growl all by himself! 

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  1. Cute! :) Nolan is just starting to suck on his hands. I'm excited for him to get to that point!