Saturday, February 26, 2011

SDSU Got Jimmer'd!!

BYU is going all the way to the top! We've been nervous for the BYU vs. SDSU game for a little while now. It was going to be the last big test for BYU before the tournament. BYU passed with flying colors! Jimmer got hammered over and over in the first half and he didn't get any calls! Not a single call! Not only that, but he ended the game with 4 fouls and 3 of them were offensive! Luckily Hartsock, Abouo, and Emery stepped up to hit some huge 3s! In the end Jimmer and the rest of the BYU team were just too good for San Diego. When we get hot shooting no one can stop us. What a game. We could very likely get a #1 seed in the NCAA tournament now. That would be sick! But if not, we should still be pretty much guaranteed a #2 seed. Rory and I sported our new t-shirts today that his mom gave us. We had a little fun taking pictures after the game. :)


  1. hahahaha love the shirts!!! Jimmerrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

  2. I think you're both certifiable! Dave and I are really looking forward to seeing you both next week. Go Cougars! Aunt Di