Tuesday, February 22, 2011


After a very frustrating week and a half of very sporadic, and mostly nonexistent, internet, it's fixed!! The fourth repairman finally decided to check what turned out to be the whole problem! Why couldn't the first guy have found the problem?? Oh well, hopefully it's fixed for good now!

Back to the cruise! Thursday morning we docked at our port in Roatan, Honduras. We had a tour guide who took us on a little ride through the city. We stopped on top of a hill and had a great look at the city and the ocean. There were a few people selling things here and we bought a pretty mahogany vase.

After our tour of the city we went zip-lining! It was so much fun! We had two guides with us and they took pictures of us as we went down the line. One of our guides even took our video camera down the line with him and took a spinning video of the scenery. It makes you a little sick to watch it as he keeps spinning around. :) Here we are before we started our adventure! All geared up and ready to go!

Here I am all hooked up to the first line and ready to get started!

Here's Rory coming down the first zip-line!

Rory and I got to go down a couple of the lines in tandem! This was great because with two of us we weighed more so we got to go faster! Sorry the picture is a little dark because we were in the shade.

And here we are after the last line that was 1300 feet long! It went really fast and had an amazing view!

After we finished our zip-line adventure we got to play with their monkey. I guess it is pretty common here for people to have pet monkeys. In case you're wondering what she's holding, it's a hotdog. :)This is a lovely picture I know. I didn't really want all that hotdog in my hair! :)

The next stop on our tour was snorkeling! I have never been snorkeling before so I was a little nervous, but very excited. I love sea life and I will probably never be brave enough to scuba dive, so this is the next best thing! Plus we got to snorkel at the second largest coral reef in the world! The water was beautiful and we had a great time! For my first time snorkeling I think I did alright. :) This is such an attractive picture.

I pretty much just stayed on the top of the water. But the water was so clear that I had a great view all the way to the ground! I was incredible!

Rory, Hunter and their Dad were a lot more adventurous swimming down closer to the reef.

Here is a picture of a really pretty blue fish we saw and the reef behind it.

This is our guide with a sea cucumber. He brought it up for us to have a closer look at it.

Roatan was a gorgeous little island off of mainland Honduras. There were a lot of neat things to do there and we had a great day!

Cruise adventure to be continued...


  1. Looks like you all had a great time. Hope all is well in Kentucky. Aunt Di

  2. This brings back some great memories! We miss you guys!

  3. ok the tandem zip line looks like so much fun! And the monkey too LOL! How's Kentuckiana treating you lately?