Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jazz Rebuilding

I thought Jerry Sloan retiring was going to be the biggest shock of the season, but we just got another huge change! Deron Williams has been traded to the New Jersey Nets! Even though it's a pretty decent trade for us too, I am sad to see Deron go. I loved watching him play. He is an amazing point guard. Probably the best in the NBA right now!

In return for Williams, the Jazz are receiving Devin Harris and Derrick Favors. Harris is in his 6th season. He will probably be our new point guard. Hopefully he can live up to the high expectations of Jazz fans! Especially since he will be replacing Williams.

Favors is a rookie and plays forward. Hopefully he can add a little more size to the Jazz.

The Jazz are also receiving two first round draft picks. Hopefully we can pick up some good new talent in the next two drafts!

Our new coach is Tyrone Corbin. He has been an assistant coach for the Jazz for about 7 years. He even played for the Jazz during his career in the NBA. He knows the Jazz system so hopefully he is a good choice as the new head coach!

So now, with a new coach, the loss of an all-star, and the addition of two new players, we'll just have to wait and see what's in store for the future of the Jazz.


  1. Wouldn't it be sweet if the Jazz got Jimmer? Then I would love the jazz that much more.

  2. I've been hoping the same thing for a while now! We'll probably be needing another point guard next year and he would fit in great!