Monday, June 4, 2012

Carter Rolled Over!

Last week Carter started rolling onto his side all the time. He spins circles as he rolls to a side and then pushes himself around. So far he has only rolled to his right side. Half the time I get Carter up from a nap he's in a much different spot than I left him.

Carter still doesn't know how he feels about tummy time. But it's slowly getting better. :)

Carter is also getting more flexible. He loves to keep his feet up in the air. When he's on his play mat he will grab his toys with his feet as well as his hands. It's pretty funny to watch.

Earlier today I put Carter down for a nap. He wasn't too excited about it and was fussing. All of a sudden his cry changed quite a bit. It sounded like he was stuck and he was yelling out for help. I'd never heard him cry like that before so I hurried in to make sure he was alright. Come to find out, Carter had rolled over! He was not happy about it. But he's completed a new milestone! I'm sure he was just in his crib kicking around because he was not happy and all of a sudden he flipped himself over. :) 

Carter amazes us every day! There is always something new and we love it!

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  1. I love the BUTTON! THanks for all your support, seriously means so much to us! Love you guys