Sunday, June 17, 2012

5 Months Old!

Our little boy is 5 months old! I can't believe how time flies! Everyday I am reminded again and again how much I love my little monkey! :) This last month Carter has become a lot more mobile. It's been a blast watching him learn new tricks. :)

New things for Carter this month:

Loves to lay on his side.
He's rolling over from his back to his stomach.
Found his feet.
Loves animal noises.
Can scoot on his back.
Gags himself with his own finger or hand.
He laughs!
Very vocal when he's upset about something.
Finally seems to enjoy tummy time (for a few minutes) if we are playing with him.
Always wants to sit up and is getting a lot stronger.
Can stand up with our help and he is no longer wobbly.

This is the first time we saw Carter play with his feet. Probably because he has cute slippers on them! :)

Carter is enjoying story time before bed with Daddy.

Carter can roll from back to stomach whenever he wants now. It's great, except when he's supposed to be sleeping. The problem is that he does not know how to roll from his stomach to his back. As a result, many times I go in to find a screaming baby because he does not want to be on his stomach. This makes sleeping very difficult! One night I had to roll him over 4 times! I always lay him down in the middle of his crib and a few times I have found him on his stomach stuck at the end! Funny boy.

Here Carter is enjoying my animal sounds. :) He especially loves when Rory makes horse noises!

If he's not quite ready to go to sleep, Carter likes to spin around and put his feet up on the side of the crib. I've walked in before to find him just chilling with his feet propped up on the side. At least he falls asleep eventually. :)

I went in to check on Carter and make sure he was asleep and I found him like this. :) After I took the picture I carefully pulled his shirt down and he eyes popped open. I left the room quick and I didn't hear anything so I peeked back in a minute later. He had pulled his shirt right back up and fallen back asleep! I guess he likes to be exposed! :)

I don't know if you have noticed, but everytime I post a picture of Carter in the bathtub he is covered with a washcloth. This is not so much to keep him modest, but more to protect against him peeing on us. :) Recently he has started grabbing the washcloth and shoving it in his mouth. I decided it was time for a bath toy! Carter loved his rubber ducky. :)

Carter loves to chew on his monkey's tail.

I love Carter's monkey outfit!

Carter is pretty much the cutest baby ever! We have had a few rough patches this month. There were a couple weeks where I thought Carter was never going to take a nap again. Thankfully we both survived! :) Overall though Carter is a great baby. We are so lucky!

We are so blessed to be your parents Carter! Your cute smile lights up our house every day. You love to play with us and we love to make you laugh. We are seeing more and more of your cute personality develop and we love it! We hope you continue to be so happy as you get older. We love you so much!


  1. Oh that little boy has got cheeks that any mother couldn't resist kissing. Can't wait to meet him in person in a few weeks!

  2. You better believe it! I kiss those cheeks all day long! :)

  3. he is so stinkin cute! i love his smile! We are excited to see you guys and hopefully get to know Carter better - yeah!!

  4. He is so cute! I can't believe he is 5 months. I love watching babies sleep. They sleep in the funniest positions and do the funniest things sometimes like Carter with his shirt. love it!