Thursday, March 1, 2012

National Farm Machinery Show

I know what you're machinery?? But it was actually a really cool expo! Rory and I felt a little out of place without our work jeans and cowboy boots, but we didn't let that stop us. :) The whole time we thought of Boston, Rory's nephew. He would have been in heaven with all of the big tractors! We had to take lots of pictures for him. :)

There is a huge convention center by the airport in Louisville and they have big events almost every weekend. We wanted to go to the Championship Tractor Pull, but with Carter we didn't think we could pull that off yet. So we went went to the expo. There was huge farm machinery everywhere! I had never seen such big machines up that close! It was pretty cool to be able to climb up into the cabs and check them out! We took lots of pictures and had fun walking around. We even had some cookies and cream ice cream in a big waffle cone! Carter slept peacefully in his stroller the whole time!

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