Friday, March 2, 2012

Cute Carter!

I've taken a bunch of pictures of Carter on my cell phone so I thought I'd post a few of them. :) They're not the best quality, but Carter is still a cutie!

When Carter isn't swaddled, he likes to sleep with his hands up by his face. Look at those chubby cheeks! :)

Carter spends a lot of time furrowing that little brow of his. It's adorable! :)

Doesn't Carter have the cutest little smile? He's still working on controlling it, but I've gotten a few pretty good grins out of him. I wasn't able to capture the big grin, but here's a little smile. :)

In his cute little Daddy's MVP outfit! Isn't he adorable?

Carter takes his morning nap in the swing. I still swaddle him though so he'll sleep a little longer. :) Half the time he gets his little hands out!

After one of his naps, Carter started making noises so I went in to see if he was awake. I undid the top of his swaddle to see if it would help him wake up faster. I love watching him try to wake up. It's so cute! As soon as I undid his swaddle his little arms went straight up over his head. :) And then he continued to sleep. :)

I need to be better about taking pictures, but I thought you'd all enjoy the few that I have! Even if they are off my phone. :) Rory and I have the cutest baby ever!

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  1. he is too cute! Reading about carter and his swaddle made me remember we have video of boston when I unwrapped him while he was sleeping and his arm went straight up too haha it's the funniest thing when they do that. Can't wait to see you guys!