Friday, January 6, 2012

Merry Christmas 2011!

Our last Christmas before our family grows! We were planning on a pretty low key Christmas here by ourselves since it's pretty late for me to be traveling, but Rory's parents made it out to visit! After 26 hours of traveling they made it here! It was quite the accomplishment to get out here flying standby just days before Christmas. We picked them up from the airport about 5 pm the Friday before Christmas.

After a little shopping at Sams to pick up food for our Christmas Eve dinner we headed to Chuy's for dinner. Chuy's is a great Mexican place. After stuffing ourselves we decided to check out the Lights Under Louisville. It was a really cool lights display in a cavern under the city. It was pretty neat to drive through the cavern and see all the displays.

Christmas Eve morning we spent some time in the kitchen getting things ready for dinner and finished last minute things for Christmas. Then we went to the movies and watched the new Mission Impossible movie. After the movie we had time to play Rook while the food cooked for dinner. We had prime rib and au gratin potatoes for dinner. It was really good!

See our cute Christmas tree? :) Rory wanted a Utah Jazz tree so that is what we did.

This is a little better shot of the tree.

We had purple, green and white lights. Then Polly made us some Jazz logos and we put them on purple, green and gold Christmas balls. We also used a purple and gold garland. The final touch? Old school Jazz basketball cards. :) Oh and you can't forget the Jazz blankets we used for the tree skirt.

Before bed my family always opens up a present. So after dinner Rory and I each opened one up. Rory got to open up the power drill his parents got him so that he could attach the heater we got to the wall in the baby's room. :)

Rory gave me a sweet Jimmer jersey! Too bad it doesn't quite fit right now....

Christmas morning!

Don't you like our Jazz and Ninja Turtle stockings? :)

Rory got an awesome Leonardo snuggie! Plus some cool turtle socks!

The back view. Don't you love the shell? We had to get a shot where you could also see the sweet ninja turtle pjs too. :) Our son has no chance but to love ninja turtles. :)

We had to take a picture with our sweet new hats. Of course Rory's is Leonardo. :) Mine is a cute BYU winter hat. :)

Our first Christmas away from home was great! It helped to have Rory's parents with us to help us celebrate. We did have to take them back to the airport at 1:30, but it was fun to have them there for the weekend. Rory and I are excited to have a third member of our family next Christmas! I can't wait until I can buy our little guy Christmas presents! :) I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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