Friday, January 6, 2012

37 Weeks!

I'm full term! I can't believe I've been pregnant for 37 weeks already. It seems kind of surreal right now that I'm so close to the end. Within the month we should have a new baby! Crazy! I know people want a picture so I'm finally posting one. You may notice I'm not wearing my wedding ring. That's because it no longer fits... In the past few days my hands have swollen a little and my feet and ankles have swollen quite a bit. I'm ready for this baby to come! :)

This picture was taken after a large meal at Red Lobster... :) I don't know that it made me look any bigger, but I was pretty uncomfortable with a very full stomach. :) Why did we go to Red Lobster for dinner? To celebrate Rory passing his 3rd actuary test!!! He took it six weeks ago and just found out today that he passed! We're pretty excited. Just two more tests and an online class and he will have his first certification!

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