Thursday, September 5, 2013

St. George

We just finished an awesome trip! Carter and I flew into St. George last Tuesday. Our first flight left at 5:30am. We went through Chicago and then Denver. We finally got to St. George 3 flights and about 11 hours later. Carter was great the whole time! He never cried. It was a long trip, but it went as smooth as possible. We had a two our layover in Chicago and Carter played in their children's museum. He loved following the other kids around. 

For the next couple days Carter and I took it easy with Grandma Polly and Grandpa Mike. Carter got to play in lots of water and explore the house. 

Friday we drove down to Las Vegas to pick up Rory from the airport! We were excited for him to join us on our trip. We went to the outlets and bought some things we needed. Then we met up with Sharon and her kids. We've missed them since they moved away from Indiana. It was great to see them! 

Friday night Rory and I went to David Copperfield! He is an illusionist and it was amazing! His illusions were so crazy. I even got to go up on stage to help with one of them. I got to be blindfolded and everything! Rory got to help with the last illusion too. Pretty crazy that we both got to help. It was a blast!

After the show we walked around a couple hotels and then went to the M&M store. 

Saturday we drove back to St. George and watched the BYU football game. That was disappointing to say the least. 

Sunday we went to church and headed up to the cabin in Pine Valley. We spent a nice relaxing day up there. Carter even got to see some deer and he loved it. 

Monday was Mike's birthday so he and Rory left he cabin early to go golfing. Polly, Carter and I left a little later and got back to St. George in time for Cafe Rio for lunch....Rory's favorite. :)

We got to go swimming and took Carter to a splash pad. He loved the little waterfalls. 

Tuesday we got to go to Sand Hollow lake! We had a blast on the wave runners.  I took Carter out a couple times. It was close to nap time and Carter was so comfy that he fell asleep while we were out on the lake! Haha. It was kind of nice cuz we got to spend more time out there since we weren't worried about getting him home for his nap. :)


We had such an amazing trip! Carter loved being spoiled by his grandparents and he loved the constant attention. :) Thanks for a fun week!!


  1. Sounds like fun! I love him in that little jacket!! :)

  2. Such a darling little guy you have there.