Saturday, August 3, 2013

Housley Update

I just figured out there is a blogger app that I can use to blog on my phone! Hopefully that means I'll be blogging a little more regularly again. So after a 6 month hiatus, hello again! :)

A lot has happened during the last 6 months. Most notably, we moved to a house! We still live in Clarksville, Indiana, but we no longer breath second hand smoke every day! Wahoo!!! We are so happy to be out of our apartment. It's so nice to have a yard now and a structure that's all ours so we're not getting the smoke from all our neighbors. We live in a cute little 2 bedroom house that is in a tiny little neighborhood. It's nice because there is no through traffic. Now if only we could get completely unpacked. :) 

Rory is still working at Mercer and enjoying his job for the most part. We're still hoping that eventually he can work from home and we can move back closer to family. Rory is one test away from being a certified ASA. I believe that stands for Associate of the Society of Actuaries. He's been working on the tests for a few years now and is ready to finally achieve the first ranking. He can almost taste it! 

Rory was recently called as the Executive Secretary at church and is now having fun with that. I have been the Primary President for almost a year now. It's still an adventure every week! :)

We have been enjoying a lot of family time and playing outside. Rory has been playing Ultimate Frisbee every Saturday morning and Carter and I tag along to hang out with any other kids and wives that come. Rory and I have also started playing tennis with another couple. I forgot how much I enjoy playing. 

Other than that we've just been enjoying life with a toddler. There's always something new every day. Carter definitely keeps us in our toes. 

This week we went to Rory's work party. It was at a Louisville Bats game. We had dinner and enjoyed watching the game. 

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