Wednesday, January 30, 2013

11 Months

Carter is at such a fun age. I love knowing that he understands a lot of the things I do. He loves to watch people, even if he's still not so sure about being handed off to others. :)

New things for Carter this month:

Started supplementing with formula. He still nurses, but I don't have enough for him anymore. He loves it!
Took his first trip to Universal Studios!
Went on his first amusement park ride.
Tried his first Harry Potter "Butterbeer" and loved it.
Figured out how to open his puffs using his teeth.
Easily cruises around the room holding on to everything.
Is once again sleeping through the night, even while we were on vacation!

Carter loves his bottles! 

Just having some puffs and watching a little TV.

Carter fell asleep while I was feeding him. I love watching him sleep. :)

One of my favorite things is to watch Carter as he plays. He loves to play with his books. Sometimes he'll play with it forever. He babbles and babbles as he turns the pages back and forth.

Carter's first amusement park ride! It was in Dr. Seuss land at Universal. He liked going around, but he didn't like when we moved it up and down. :)

Carter loves his Frosty the Snowman book from Grandpa and Grandma Housley. He can hear them read it when he turns the pages!

Carter still loves his food. :)

Trying his first Butterbeer at The Three Broomsticks in Harry Potter land.

Carter we love you so much! We love watching you grow before our eyes. It is so much fun to watch you experience new things. You bring so much joy into our lives. You will always be our little boy!

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