Saturday, November 19, 2011


I'm a little behind on this post, but better late than never right? A few weeks ago BYU played TCU so we decided to take a little trip to Dallas for a few days.

We beat Mike and Polly there by a few hours so we were in charge of picking up the rental car. The only cars left in the size we'd rented was the Grand Marquis. The guy renting us the car asked us if that was ok. We were like, uhh, sure. We had no idea what kind of car that was. He said he had to ask because a lot of people don't like them. We thought whatever and walked out to see about 8 huge cars we could choose from. Of course we thought we better choose the light blue one. We felt like we were super old driving this huge car. All it needed was some big steer horns on the front hood. It was pretty funny. :) We could even fit 3 people in the front seat if we wanted and the trunk was huge! Everything is bigger in Texas right? We nicknamed him Jumbo Jerry. :)

Rory and I flew in Wednesday evening so we found our hotel and then decided to get some dinner. We found a Creole place and decided to give it a shot. The food was super spicy! But it tasted pretty good. Both our mouths were on fire by the end of dinner! :) Around midnight we picked up Mike and Polly from the airport. The Dallas airport is not fun to drive around because it is HUGE!

Thursday morning we went to check out the Mustangs of Las Colinas. They were these huge statues of horses running through a little river thing. They were pretty cool.

After we had fun with the mustangs we headed to Grapevine Mall to get out of the cold! Shouldn't it be warmer in Texas? It was super windy and definitely not warm!

Grapvine Mall is really big outlet mall. It was fun to walk around and they had some cool stuff to do. We talked Rory into being a hamster in a big ball on the water. It was pretty funny to watch.

He spent most of his time on his backside. It looked really hard to stand up in, but he made a valiant effort.

Here he is standing up! It took a lot of core strength to keep from falling over!

After that we thought Mike should have some fun too. So we put him in the hurricane simulator. It was pretty funny to watch him get pelted with wind! :)

For lunch we went to the Rainforest Cafe. It was delicious! Plus it's just fun to eat with animals moving around you and lightning storms going on. :)

After lunch we did a little more shopping around the mall and then we headed to the BYU football team fireside. After the fireside we went to in Mississippi where there wasn't a chair left in the building, we thought we better be a little early. This one wasn't nearly as full so we actually got cushioned chairs! It was fun to see Carter and talk to him for a little bit.

When we got to Texas one of the first things we did was check to see if there was a Cafe Rio or Wingers in Texas. Rory was dissapointed to find out there was neither. He then thought he'd try Costa Vida because that's close enough. We found one in Colleyville, TX. We had no idea where that was so we thought it was a lost cause. At the time we had no idea that the fireside was being held in Colleyville. Rory was pretty excited to find out it would be right by us! So after the
fireside we headed to Costa Vida for dinner. It was pretty delicious. :)

After dinner we drove about 45 minutes to Rory's cousin's house to spend the night.

In the morning we headed to the stockyards. We saw this car and had to take a picture. These are the horns we needed for Jumbo Jerry!

Rory riding a bull! :)

They did a cattle drive down the middle of the street. The steer were huge! I'm glad they weren't running at me with those horns!

They had some fun little shops along the street. We felt like we were in a Western movie.

Rory and Mike trying on cowboy hats.

They had this cool maze that Rory and Mike had to try out.

Polly and I watched them from a lookout spot. It was pretty funny to watch them running around the maze trying to find the different check points. :)

After the stockyards it was time to go to the tailgate party before the game! It was by Rangers stadium. You can see the baseball stadium behind us in the picture below. Thankfully the final game in the world championship series was being played in St. Louis and not here otherwise we would have had some crazy traffic problems!

Walking to Dallas Cowboys Stadium! (It was super windy so I had my hood up.)

Here is the massize jumbo tron! The stadium has a roof, but part of it was open for the game.

The cougars running out of the tunnel!

Carter got us some crazy good seats! We were on the second row in the BYU section! It was amazing!

In case you're wondering, BYU ended up losing the game after putting up a good fight. We had a lot of calls that didn't go our way, and a few key mistakes. TCU got some nice no-calls that might have made a big difference for BYU. Oh well, we had fun at the game!

Saturday morning before we left for home we decided to check out Dealey Plaza. This is where John F. Kennedy was shot and killed. I really didn't know very much about it so it was pretty interesting to go through the museum. They had lots of cool little videos to watch and some very informative displays set up.

Once we finished up in the museum we went outside to see the actual place Kennedy was shot. In the picture below we're standing in the same place Kennedy's car was when he was shot from a window from the building behind us.

Even though BYU lost we had a great trip! We had a lot of fun sightseeing and enjoying time with family!

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  1. WHOA! We were BOTH at the TCU game!!! Sad that I didn't connect the dots until now :( Maybe we'll get the chance to meet up one day :)