Wednesday, April 20, 2011


When Rory and I originally moved out here to Indiana, we had no idea we were pretty much living in Tornado Alley. Lucky us! So for the past month or so, usually about once a week, there are tornado watches and warnings in our area. Luckily, we usually just have a tornado watch. So last night there were tornado watches for some areas north of us. We didn't see anything about us so we went to bed not worrying about it. Rory's mom told him she saw that the sirens were going off here. We never heard anything. Although I did wake up at one point to some pretty crazy thunder that kept going. I woke up this morning to a text from Rory telling me to go check out the cars under the tree and to check on our car. So I went outside to find this

The tree was huge! Luckily only the ends fell on the two cars.

The cars didn't seem to be too damaged. They might have a few dents in their front hood. A branch did almost completely rip off one of the side mirrors on the dark car. That seems to be the worst of the damage. This will be a nice surprise for their owners to come out too. I hope they're not in a hurry to get somewhere! Don't worry! Our car is fine. This seems to be the only tree around our apartment that decided to go down. I just thought I'd share these pictures. We have a little break in the weather right now. But the temperature dropped and it's still overcast. For now, though, no more severe weather!

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