Friday, March 25, 2011


The Housley family looks forward to their Easter Egg Hunt all year! :) Before Rory and I started dating I went on a weekend trip to Zions National Park. While I was there Rory went up to Salt Lake with his family to his aunt's house for their annual Easter egg hunt. Rory told me he was taking his cleats so he would have better grip as he ran to find his eggs. I thought that was pretty funny, but little did I know what I was getting myself into! :)

This year, however, Rory and I will not be by family during Easter. Luckily the Easter Bunny took pity on us and we had a mini hunt while we were there a couple weekends ago. :) You would think with there only being Rory, Hunter, and me, that things would be a little more calm than normal.... you'd think wrong. :) I was hunting around on one side of the yard when I heard yelling. I was not lucky enough to see what was going on because I was around the side of the house. But Rory says that Hunter was close to an egg, but he hadn't seen it yet. So Rory hurled himself in front of Hunter just as Hunter saw it. There was a nice collision and I think Hunter ended up with the egg. After Rory reads this I may have to fix this story a little bit, but I think that's what happened. :)

The reason for all the pushing, shoving, wearing of cleats, etc., is that there is great pride for the hunter who collects the most eggs. This year I don't think it has the same effect though because the whole family was not together. We missed doing it with Rhett and Julie and all the cousins. I especially missed watching the little ones have their Easter Hunt. I probably should have said that earlier so you didn't worry thinking the little kids were getting shoved around! Don't worry, there are two separate hunts. :) Boston is getting so big it would have been fun to see him really get into it this year! Oh well, I guess we'll just have to see pictures!

Rory and I were happy the Easter Bunny thought of us. I know Rory would have been really sad to miss out on this tradition. We had a lot of fun. Thanks Easter Bunny!


  1. ah yes the HUNT! I'm glad you guy's got to have it early while you were down! I will make sure to take some pictures and video of Boston for you to see. He is growing up way to fast and says the funniest things lately! Miss you guys.

  2. It wouldn't be an egg hunt without a little blood....