Tuesday, September 25, 2012

8 Months

Our baby boy is 8 months old! He has changed so much in the last month. Carter does not know how to hold still. :) That's probably why he has lost weight. We went to the doctor today to get Carter's flu shot. While we were there I asked if they would weigh him and he's about 18 lbs now. At his 6 month appointment he was about 18 and a half pounds. He just never sits still! Carter was brave for his flu shot and he didn't even cry. He thought about it, but I picked him up quick and he got over it fast. :)

Carter this month:

Has 2 teeth! Both on the bottom. :)
STILL LOVES FOOD!! Carter would eat all day if I let him.
Carter still nurses about every 3-3.5 hours during the day.
Plus he's eating about 3 bottles of baby food during the day. That doesn't include the little snacks he gets all day when I'm trying to get something done, or Dad is trying to keep him happy. ;)
Ate his first whole banana.
He has yet to turn down any kind of baby food. But he doesn't like whole peas. I think it's the pea skin that bothers him. He loves peas in the puree form. :)
He does not appreciate anyone eating in front of him if he doesn't have his own food.
Loves any kind of cord or anything electronic. 
Can get up on his hands and knees. Tries to crawl but always falls back down on his stomach.
Sits up easily now. Towards the end of the month was finally able to move from sitting to laying down without just falling over. :)
Still goes to bed around 8 every night.
Still likes to get up early sometimes for a snack before going back to sleep. But he's starting to sleep until 7 more often now.
Takes 2 naps everyday.
Loves the wind. 

Where's Carter? I love this picture. :) 

Carter's first bruise. :( He bonks his head all the time as he's exploring. I'm not sure what this was from. By the end of that day it looked like I beat him. You could see three bruises on his forehead and he had a split lip that was bleeding slightly. I think the lip was just chapped. He never cries when he hits his head, so it must not bother him much!

I'm taking this picture with my phone and he wants it...

We got a baby gate. :) Mostly it's just used to put around things we don't want Carter to get into.

Playing with a big stuffed animal.

Carter was not happy when I laid him down for his nap. After crying for a little while he finally went to sleep. I went to check on him and this is how I found him.

I was on my laptop on the couch and I looked down and there was Carter reading his book. :)

Here Carter army crawled under our futon. I think he was going for the soccer ball, but then found a big tag on the bottom of the futon that he thought was more fun.

Usually when we go to the store Carter sits in his car seat the whole time. He was so excited to be out on this trip! He just grinned and talked the whole time. It was pretty cute. :)

Carter, we love your smile! You seriously have the cutest smile in the whole world. How could I ever get upset with that adorable little face? :) You are such a good baby. We can't complain about much. As long as you're well fed and take your naps you're a happy camper! You love to be right in the middle of things. We can't ignore you for long or you let us know! :) You just go, go, go all day long. You love to watch other people. If they are smiling and talking you usually smile back, even if they weren't talking to you. :) You are going to be one very social and active little boy. We love you so much little kiddo! We're so happy you're ours forever!

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  1. I love that "I Love You Through and Through" book. I think Annnalise has learned what a nose is because of it. :)