Sunday, July 22, 2012

6 Months!

6 Month Stats
Weight: 18 lbs 9.5 oz
Height: 26 in
Head Circumference: 16 in

My baby is six months old! I can't believe it! Carter is growing up so fast. Thankfully he's at least stopped packing on the pounds and he's finally just getting longer. :) 

Carter's doctors appointment went really well this month. I think our long trip to Utah helped him break out of his shell. He finally likes people and is super curious about everything around him. He was great with the nurse in the beginning and was patient as we weighed and measured him. The doctor came and checked him out and he was good as can be. 

Carter has been introduced to solid food and loves it, so I wasn't surprised that he gladly took the oral vaccine he was given. The three immunizations he was given were a little different story, but he handled them really well. He cried a little with the first two. The third immunization stings so he cried pretty good with that one, but he stopped as soon as I picked him up when the nurse was done. All in all, I'd say we had a great trip to the doctor.

New things for Carter this month:

Met his Great Grandpa Butterfield.
First trip to St. George.
Loves attention from everyone.
Finally likes to be held by other people.
Does much better with noise.
Curious about everything now.
His head is always on a swivel when we're out of the house.
Finally figured out how to roll from his stomach to his back, but hasn't done it much since the first day he did it.
Fights naps
Started waking up in the middle of the night again.
Has started talking to himself.
Can sit for a couple seconds before catching himself with his hands or tipping over.
Finally figured out what food is all about and LOVES it!

Look at those big blue eyes. :)

For some reason this picture is sideways. Sorry!

Carter loves his mommy. :)

I love this picture because it shows Carter's concentration face. His lips always pucker out a little bit and you can tell he is completely focused on what is in his hands.

Carter was supposed to be sleeping, but he screamed enough that I couldn't take it anymore and got him out of bed. Carter was proud of himself... (can you tell I'm tired?)

So sad. :(

He shoved that toy in all by himself....

Our patriotic little boy.

Carter makes this face all the time now. He sucks in his lower lip and makes it look like he has no lips. Sometimes when he fusses he does this and just says "mmm, mmm" over and over again. It's pretty funny.

Our little boy is changing so much, so fast! He is such an active little boy. When he gets enough sleep Carter is the happiest little boy ever. Carter LOVES attention. I guess that comes with being an only child. It's even worse now that we spent two weeks with family so someone was always holding him. :) 

Carter, you are one loved little boy. Your Dad and I feel so blessed to be your parents. Your smile means the world to us. It is the best feeling in the world to see your face light up when you see us. You are the world to us. Carter, you have brought so much joy to our little family. We love you to pieces! You will always be our little boy!

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