Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Churchill Downs

To begin our fun Memorial Day weekend we spent Friday afternoon at the races! Rory's parents flew in the night before and Rory had a half day off of work on Friday so we got tickets to go to Churchill Downs and sit on Millionaires Row! We had a blast!

We got there around 2 and the first race started at 2:45. So we had time to walk around a bit before the races began.

We had a little fun in the gift shop trying on hats.

Then we headed up to Millionaires Row to enjoy our buffet lunch. We were starving and ready to eat! The food was great.

We were just finishing up as the trumpet sounded to announce the horses were coming onto the track. So we went out to the balcony to watch!

Since we don't bet we decided we needed to come up with some kind of betting system amongst ourselves with no money involved. So to start out the day we each had 20 points. We could bet however many points on however many horses we wanted to. Then if we picked the winning horse we would get the points we bet on them multiplied by what the odds were for the horse to win. Sounds kind of complicated, but it wasn't too bad. :)

None of us picked the winning horse on the first race. But I won the second race! I picked Fresh Ice who came in first! He was a gorgeous gray horse. He's in the picture below. He's number 6. The #2 horse also in the picture was Polly's pick and he came in second!

In between a couple of the races we went down to the paddocks to see the horses before they raced. They are the most beautiful horses.

We had a lot of fun watching the races and seeing all of these gorgeous horses. By the end of the day Mike had the most points. Rory and I didn't do so well. After I won the second race I thought I might have a shot, but it was all down hill from there. But we had a lot of fun and would love to do it again!

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