Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Severe Weather

So I'm sure most of you have heard about the devastating tornado that went through Missouri on Sunday. I can't believe all the nasty natural disasters we've had out this way this year. I think I heard that this past tornado was so big that only 1% of all tornadoes recorded have ever been this bad. Crazy. Luckily for us the tornado didn't continue on to Indiana. Indiana is right next to Missouri on the east side. Although we didn't get a tornado through we we've had some fun severe thunderstorms. Rory and I were up off and on Sunday night as we saw bright flashes and heard very loud claps of thunder.

Last night we turned on the TV and found that only the weather channel was on because we had severe weather warnings. Whenever we have warnings like this the weather people usually take precedence over any normal programming. I'm glad they keep people informed. Especially when tornadoes are coming their way. Anyway, Rory and I watched the weather for a little while just waiting for the storm to hit us. It was nice outside when we started watching and then it started to get darker and darker and then the rain began. We saw some crazy lightning and I was startled multiple times as the thunder hit. And then, the power went out. This is pretty normal. We heard the microwave come back on a few times in the middle of the night on Sunday while we were sleeping. But normally the power comes right back on. This time it didn't come back on within 5 minutes.

We were trying to figure out what to do in the dark when Rory decided we should build a fort and watch a movie on our portable DVD player. :) We built a pretty cool fort. We put the couch cushions on the floor so it was pretty comfortable. Before we watched our movie we decided to get dinner. We were going to have chicken ceasar wraps, but we didn't want to open the fridge in case we didn't have power for a while. So we went and go Wendy's for dinner. :) And of course as soon as we walked in the door after picking up our food the power came back on . :) So we ate our dinner and then enjoyed watching Flyboys in our fort after turning off all the lights.

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